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How it Works


We cater for events of any size in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Choose from our popular range of packages or create your own tailored package. All packages include the option of a personalised delivery service to your location.

1. Choose a package

  • Tandem
  • Tandem Tasty
  • Tandem Tasty with Staff
  • Tour de France
  • Competition

2. Personalised options

  • Delivery
  • Pick Up
  • Custom Branding
  • Menu
  • Additional Items

3. Dates and availability

  • Event Date
  • Equipment Availability
  • Staff Requirements

Strawberry Blast smoothie

  • 130ml coconut water
  • 1/2 medium sized banana
  • 1/3 cups frozen strawberries
  • Ice (optional)

Mango Tango smoothie

  • 130ml Pineapple Juice
  • 1/2 medium sized banana
  • 1/3 cup frozen mango pieces
  • Ice (optional)

Make Your Own

Express yourself!
Create your own unique smoothie with your choice of ingredients.

bikenblend team building corporate work


Improve workplace health and productivity!

Reward your team with a fun activity, we can come to you and setup in your office or foyer.

Re-engage your team if you are back at work! A healthy worker is happier and more productive, and what is a better way to spread this message than a pedal powered fruit smoothie.

Research from the Best-Practice Guidelines Workplace Health in Australia shows a $5.81 saving for every $1 invested in employee wellbeing.

BikenBlend openings

Openings And Activations

Attract and engage customers with a fun activity!

Every aspect of the blender bike station can be branded with your logo: we offer branded cups, bike wheels, tables and A frames.

Our blender bikes are so unique they stop people in their tracks, making it easy for your sales team to start a conversation.

Today’s consumer can play a strong role in driving your brand’s image. Give them an experience to remember and they will spread the word for you #bikenblend.

BikenBlend schools notforprofits

Schools And Not For Profits

Fun fundraising and community engagement!

At Bike n’ Blend we believe in supporting our community and have discounted fundraising packages available for school and not for profits.

The Bike n’ Blend fundraising package has a proven record of success with many organisations rebooking us annually for their fundraising day.

We understand that a well organised fundraiser is a successful fundraiser. This is why we provide a free fundraising and engagement guide, recipes and a shopping list to help you prepare.

competition expos bike n blend

Conferences And Expos

A unique marketing tool to engage your audience!

Stalls using our blender bikes have won “Best in Show” multiple times.

Get people moving and engaged, stand out from the crowd and the crowd will come to you.

Select the Competition Package complete with leaderboard and speedometers to really get your delegates blood pumping!

Fully branded stalls available for indoor and outdoor settings.


How long does it take to make a smoothie?

It only takes 30 seconds to pedal a smoothie but you can stay on and keep riding if you wish! It’s loads of fun and very easy for all ages!

What if I want something on top of what you usually provide?

We love to hear interesting ideas! Give us a call or email to discuss the details and we’ll do our best to meet your request.

Does Bike n' Blend work better indoors or outdoors?

Bike n’ Blend is great for both outdoor or indoor events. For outdoor events we find the ‘Tour de France’ Package works best as we provide the required shelter (our marquee) and hot water washing facilities in this package. All other packages work well indoors if there is a kitchen near by.

What sized bikes do you have?

Large bikes (suitable for ages 10 years and up) and small sized blender bikes (suitable for 5-10 year olds) are available. Please specify your requirements when you make your booking.

Do you have kids sized bikes available?

Yes! Our fleet includes small blender bikes that are perfect for younger children aged 5-10 years (depending on their height), as well as large blender bikes (perfect for kids 10 years and up). Availability can vary depending on locations and dates, so best to get in early!

Can customers make their own drinks?

Yes! We encourage all of our customers to blend their own- we think it is more fun and engaging that way. Almost anyone can use the bike blenders- children aged four and above, teenagers, adults, and even sprightly pensioners can comfortably use our awesome bike blenders. Our staff are also keen cyclists if you would like us to lend a hand (or leg) at any time too.

Can we charge people at the event for the smoothies?

This is up to you and depends on your event. If you’re trying to raise awareness around health and sustainability then you might decide to give the smoothies away for free. We find that this works well. For school fetes and fundraisers we suggest you charge $4-$5 per smoothie.

Do you need washing facilities or power?

Yes. It is not necessary to wash the jugs between every use but it is best to wash the jugs every 30 minutes. This access to running hot water is required for food health and safety. We provide a hot water washing unit in the ‘Tour de France Package’ (battery powered). No power is required for any of our events- just pedal power!

How many smoothies can you make?

This depends on how many people there are and how many staff and bikes you have. Each event is different but as a guide; we can typically cater for 100-200 people in two-three hours with 2 staff and 2-3 blender bikes. For a busy school fete you can sell up to 300 smoothies in 5 hours with 4 volunteers and 3 blender bike. If you are unsure of how many drinks you need please give us a call and we can guide you – we are smoothie experts here to help!

Do you sell your blender bikes?

Please get in contact with us to discuss this option.

How does booking and invoicing work?

To confirm your booking please complete our booking form. We will check our availability and confirm your booking by email within 24hr. We do book out in the warmer months so it is best to book in early to reserve your smoothie bikes! Invoices will be issued once the booking form has been received. Payment and cancellation terms are described in our Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of the booking form page.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. We implement a range of policies and procedures to ensure our bike blenders are as safe as possible for our customers and for members of the public. We have public liability insurance cover for up to $20 million and can send you a copy if you request it in your booking.

What do you bring to an event?

This depends on the package you choose. Please see our Packages page for more information on the available options or give us a call and we will happily run you through it.

Is travel included with staffed events?

All staffed events include travel within 18km from office location (Preston for Melbourne, Wolloongabba for Brisbane and Alexandria for Sydney). If your location is further than this please let us know and we’ll quote you accordingly.

Is delivery included with non-staffed events?

For non-staffed packages, you can choose to pick up/drop off your blender bikes from our office locations mentioned above (time windows will be negotiated to suit you and our staff’s availability). The exact address for pick up/drop off will be emailed to you upon booking. Two blender bikes fit easily in a hatchback car, van, trailer or four-wheel drive. Alternatively you could hire a GoGet van. We also offer a personalised courier service for your blender bike delivery and pick up (costs vary depending on your location. Please contact us for a quote)

Do you use Australian produce?

We use Australian produce in our smoothies as much as possible. A sample of our tasty menu can be seen on our recipes page.

What sort of cups do you use?

All smoothies are served in 12 oz biodegradable paper cups that can be planted in the garden after use (or offer washable cups for Melbourne indoor events).

Will you teach us how to use the bikes?

If you’re hiring the blender bikes to run your own event we will show you how they work when we deliver them or when you pick them up.

Do you provide Kosher options?

Yes, we have Kosher jugs available in Melbourne and Sydney (max 4).

Do we need to organise a food permit?

Food permits are organised by Bike n’ Blend for the outdoor Tour de France package and indoor Tandem Tasty & Staff package (where shelter and running hot water can be provided).

If you are supplying your own ingredients and/or staff you are required to arrange a Temporary Food Licence through your local council.

Do you have Terms & Conditions?

Yes, please read our “Terms and Conditions” before agreeing to the hire contract.