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We have Bike n’ Blend pedal powered smoothie packages to cater for small or large events from Expos, Conferences and Community Festivals to school fetes and holiday programs. Packages available in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane

Choose a package or create your own. The choice is yours – you can have it any way you like it with:

  1. Just the blender bikes;
  2. Blender bikes with smoothie ingredients; or
  3. Blender bikes, smoothies and our energetic staff to run your event.

  • Tandem Package
  • blender-bike-x2-icon
  • Ideal for people who can do their own food shopping and want to run the event eg. birthday parties, gym open days, school or rural events.

    Includes two blender bikes, four jugs, recipes and menu boards (delivery optional – costs vary depending on your location- please contact us for a quote)

  • Team wellbeing package
  • For INDOOR events
  • A special package for corporates wanting a healthy and fun way to energise staff and promote health in the workplace

    Includes two blender bikes with bike computers for racing, leader board, staff, cups, smoothies and set up and delivery*. Subject to staff availability – please book at least two weeks in advance

  • Tandem Tasty Package
  • blender-bike-x2-iconsmoothies-x100-icon
  • We’ll take care of the menu and shopping, you run the event. Perfect for University open days, student/staff wellbeing events and rural events.

    Includes two blender bikes, four jugs, recipes,  menu boards + 100 smoothies (delivery optional – costs vary depending on your location- please contact us for a quote)

  • Tour de France Package
  • For OUTDOOR events
  • blender-bike-x3-iconsmoothies-x200-iconstaff-x2-iconwash-icon marq-icon
  • Perfect for big outdoor events. Rain, hail or shine we’ve got you covered with our all-weather marquee.

    Includes three blender bikes, menu boards, 200 (270ml) fruit smoothies, our colorful marquee, table, hot water washing unit, food permit, two energetic Bike n’ Blend staff and delivery* set up/pack up.

  • Tandem Tasty with Staff Package

    For INDOOR events
  • For INDOOR events
  • blender-bike-x2-iconsmoothies-x100-iconstaff-x2-icon
  • Let us take care everything; ideal for Expos, Conferences, Shopping Centres, Universities, Councils and Corporate events.

    Includes two blender bikes, four jugs, recipes, menu boards and 100 (270ml) fruit smoothies, two energetic Bike n’ Blend staff and delivery* set up/pack up.

  • Other services

    NOT just smoothies! Bike n Blend is the bicycle event company. Our event partners include the pop-up VIP bicycle parking valet service Roll Up and our own pedal powered event company Future Spark!

    Future Spark two bikes that create electricity while you pedal. A fun engaging tool to power lights, music or a fan.

    Roll Up Everything you need for a bicycle valet service at your festival or party

* All staffed events include travel within 18km from office location (Preston for Melbourne, Ashgrove for Brisbane and Marrickville for Sydney). If your location is further than this please let us know and we’ll quote you accordingly

** For non-staffed packages, you can choose to pick up/drop off your blender bikes from our office locations mentioned above (time windows will be negotiated to suit you and our staff’s availability). The exact address for pick will be emailed to you upon booking. Two blender bikes fit easily in a hatchback car, van, trailer or four-wheel drive. Alternatively you could hire a GoGet van. Alternatively, we offer a personalised courier service for your blender bike delivery and pick up (costs vary depending on your location. Please contact us for a quote)

We use Australian produce in our smoothies as much as possible. A sample of our tasty menu can be seen on our recipes page

We have public liability insurance of up to $20 million

All smoothies are served in 12 oz biodegradable paper cups that can be planted in the garden after use (or offer washable cups for Melbourne indoor events)

If you’re hiring the blender bikes to run your own event we will show you how they work when we deliver them or when you pick them up

Adult bikes (suitable for 6 year olds and up) and kid sized blender bikes (suitable for 4 year olds and up) are available. Please specify your requirements when you make your booking

Kosher jugs available in Melbourne (max 4)

Food permits are organised by Bike n’ Blend for the Tour de France package and indoor Tandem Tasty & staff package (where shelter and running hot water can be provided). If you are supplying your own ingredients and/or staff you are required to arrange a Temporary Food Licence through your local council.

We can also offer bike valet parking (Roll Up) or Wheelie Workshops in Melbourne, please contact us for a quote (previously ran by The Squeaky Wheel).

Please read the “Terms and Conditions” before agreeing to the hire contract.

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