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About Us


“We engage and inspire people in a fun and healthy way!”

Leena van Raay

Leena van Raay

bike n blend team - team building activities

Bike n’ Blend

We create innovative and sustainable events

Bike n’ Blend is a pop up events company promoting cycling, sustainability, health and happiness using our Australian made blender bikes.

We are a team of passionate event organisers who believe in ethical and sustainable practices to create a happier and healthier world – one smoothie event at a time! We use washable or biodegradable cups, offset our carbon, compost or recycle all waste produced and donate to UNICEF.

Bike n’ Blend is perfect for engaging and inspiring your audience through entertaining catering, brand exposure or promoting sustainability and health at events.

The business was started by Leena van Raay in March 2011 at small farmers’ markets with the help of her partner Gil Rind. She now has a team of dedicated staff running events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Leena van Raay Bike n Blend founder having fun

Our Founder

Leena van Raay

Before she started Bike n’ Blend, Leena was a full-time medical scientist researching stroke and epilepsy in major Melbourne hospitals. In March 2011, she shifted her focus to prevention. She left her job at the hospital for a role that now inspires people to live a healthier lifestyle in a fun a quirky way to prevent rather than cure disease. To read more about how Leena started Bike n’ Blend see these blog posts.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe in ethical and sustainable practices for a happier and healthier world for all to enjoy.

Our Mission

To be Australia’s leading bike themed pop up event company so we can support and donate to international and local organisations who share our vision.

Our Ethics

We put the planet and our people before profit all while delivering an outstanding service. We believe in “be the change you want to see”.

We do this by:

Providing outstanding professional sustainable activations;

Making health and wellbeing easy and fun for any demographic;

Adopting sustainable and ethical practices by only using washable or biodegradable cups (and taking a stance on not using straws or lids), composting or recycling almost ALL of our waste including soft plastic, using GreenFleet to offset our carbon and donating to UNICEF and local organisations;

Partnering with businesses that share a similar mission.

Thus supporting us, supports our wonderful planet.

We also hand build each blender bike in Melbourne.

Our Partners

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