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Say, ‘goodbye!’ to single use paper and plastic at your next event. Eco Dish provide everything you need to make the switch to clean, green reusable dishes at your event.

How it works:

We provide you everything you need to get your event underway – reusable cups, plates and bowls.

Customers buy their food and drink from vendors as usual.

Dishes get returned to our Eco Dish bins located around the event including near food stalls.

At the end, we collect our Eco Dish bins and wash all dishes offsite.

Reuse is better than recycling!

Environmental Conscious

Total Environmental Impact = Cost of Production + Cost of Life span + Cost of Post use

Production – the energy, emissions and resources to make and transport the product

Life span – the number of times the product is used and how it is washed

Post-use – can the dish be recycled or composted


Who contacts vendors?

We’ll give you an order form to send to your vendors. Once you receive all forms back please send the completed order form to us. Vendors can contact us directly to answer any questions (our contact details are on the vendor information guide).

What if Eco Dish can’t supply all types of dishes required by food vendors?

We always do our best to cover the most popular types of packaging but we understand that sometimes there are unusual things we just don’t have. We take note of items that are in demand so we can continue to meet vendor’s needs in the future. We always encourage vendors to trial using our environmentally sustainable reusable dishes, but as a last resort can accommodate their single use packaging too.

What if the event is busier than expected and we run out of dishes?

We’ve been in this industry for over 13 years so we totally understand how hard it is to know how many people will attend your event. If your event is a runaway success and we run out of reusable dishes we advise food vendors (in the food vendor guide) to make up the difference using their own single use packaging.

How will people know we are using reusable dishes?

We have signage throughout the event site at food stalls and collection points (bins). You can play a part in promoting the service too (and educating people beforehand) in all of your pre-event promotions. The more people know about it, the less dishes we lose and the less waste we create!

What will be provided?

Vendors can choose from:

  • 12oz cups
  • 18oz bowls
  • 10” plates

What if more than 10% of dishes are lost?

We factor in a maximum loss of 10% of dishes/cutlery for each event. We always hope it will be less than this of course. If more than 10% is lost we will invoice you for the additional lost items.

Why use reusable dishes?

Recycling is good but reuse is even better, effectively reducing our collective waste output. There are lots of ways to do this – let’s start by cutting out single use plates, bowls and cups!

How do I let food vendors know we are using Eco Dish at our event?

When you book with us we’ll send you a food vendors information guide explaining how Eco Dish works. Please provide this to food vendors well ahead of your event.

What about lids and straws?

We do not supply lids or straws. We’ve found that people don’t usually ask for them. And after a little inspiration and education, people are usually very happy to play their part too.

Why us?

  • We have over thirteen years event experience so we know how to make sure everything hums at even the busiest festivals
  • We are a team of passionate event staff who will help you to stand out in a fun, safe and sustainable way
  • We want to make a difference to the planet by reducing waste instead of trying to recycle it.