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Being ethical and having a great product is becoming the new normal. There is hope for our planet and future generations if we choose to support ethical brands #votewithyourdollar. Here are a few examples of companies that are leading the way:

  1. Who Gives a Crap: punny, sustainable and creatively wrapped toilet paper, tissues and hand towels – I am a huge fan of what this company has achieved using toilet humour for marketing. They give 50% profits to sanitation projects around the world.
  2. ThankYou: from the humble bottled water to 40 products such as hand wash, muesli bars and nappies, these guys are leading the way in shopping experiences that have an impact! 100% of their profits funding safe water, food, hygiene and sanitation services around the world (slightly different model to Woolies using profits to buy pokie machines..). I dream of a shopping centre filled with just Thank You products.
  3. KeepCup: starting back in 2002 and leading the way for reusable cups, this is what our planet needs! With a tram load ( of paper cups being thrown away every 30 mins in Australia I am ashamed this is even legal.. even using a kitchen mug works if you don’t have the cash for a cute KeepCup. #BYOCoffeeCup
  4. Etiko: since 2004 Nick Savaidis has provided Australians with an ethical choice of fashion, footwear & sports gear all for a similar prices to sweatshop produced products. Over the years I have bought many of his products and love the quality and style.  Congrats Nick – I know this has been a long and challenging journey!

Another a fabulous resource (and handy app for on the go) is Shop Ethical. Also Melbourne born this site really enables you to “vote” with a clear conscience (ie looking for kids clothes? Look for brands that don’t support child labour). Local Harvest provides a simple way to find your nearest ‘real food’ provider (as their video shows; food at the supermarket has been highly processed) and helps recreate ‘the village’ and supporting local communities. 

What are your favourite ethical brands and why? Please share and comment on our Facebook community.