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I was burning out. I was working up to 3 events a day and on top of that had thrown my back out, watched one of my marquees fly away and knocked myself out by running into a pole. I was so focused on these events, but the lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. I gave up the markets, created the packages and business model we have now and started creating my new website.

I now had an understanding of the industry and needed to focus on what was working. The exposure from the Royal Melbourne Show was helping with our booking growth, but it wasn’t affordable to do it alone, so I decided to ask for help. Tamar Valley Dairy sponsored our second year at the Melbourne Royal Show. They also provided over 100kg of yogurt.

Having their support and interest in my business left me elated. I realised that it didn’t hurt to ask, and this gave me the confidence to approach Breville for 30 new jugs. They said yes too! I was on a roll.

We had the structure and the confidence, and all that we needed was a little professionalism. I hired Sam to take bookings and Stuart to help me run events. It gave me the space to focus on the business model and the overall aesthetic of Bike n’ Blend.  


Our second Royal Melbourne Show

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