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Health is one of my favourite topics so I am always chatting to people about how they look after themselves in their busy lives. I find some people naturally put their health first, so here are some simple ways of incorporating some of their secretes into your own life:

  1. LISTEN to your body. I know this might sound strange at first but how many times do you really stop and take note of what your body really needs? Maybe you really need a 10 minute rest instead of that chocolate bar or a healthy stir fry instead of a bowl of pasta again? How does your body feel after good food and exercise? Tune in to what your body is telling you.
  2. SLEEP more (this is hard for me to say as a new Mum) but sleep really is the foundation to being healthy – studies show that the more sleep deprived we are, the harder it is to have self control so we go for the chocolate bar at 3pm instead of the green smoothie/walk/tea break etc.
  3. Do what you think is FUN. If going to the gym is not your thing it probably never will be –  work out what you truly enjoy and do that!
  4. Use ACTIVE TRANSPORT – walk, run, scooter, bike- the less we use our cars for those short trips (at least) the better for our bodies (and the environment). Fitting in exercise around a busy life can be difficult sometimes, so ditching the car can be our only chance to get active.

These are my simple tips that work for me each day.  Please let us know what you think and share your tips for staying healthy in a comment below or on our Facebook community.