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If you are part of a school fete committee or work for a NPF or charity you have no doubt pulled together many fundraisers. But how do you make them as successful as you can? What has worked well in the past for you? And more importantly, what didn’t?

Over the last six years we have worked at over 130 successful fundraiser events using blender bikes. Here are their key steps for success:

  1. Work out a realistic goal for the size of your event ie. If your school is large (over 500 students) then your goal is going to be very different from a school with under 200 students. Depending on what else is on offer (ice cream, juice etc) most fundraisers sell a smoothie to about half the number of people
  2. Ask for cash or food sponsorship from your local bike shop and fruit and veggie shop! This is a great opportunity for businesses to connect to their local community to promote their services in a fun and healthy way. They could have their promotional material on site or name one of the smoothies with their brand ie “Joe’s fruit shop banana smoothie” or “The Velocycle tropical smoothie” the ideas are endless!
  3. Recruit your smoothie team of volunteers. Who do you know who can help cheer on a crowd, follow recipes, keep the smoothie stand clean and presentable all day? Recruit your best – it’s a big day!
  4. Organise a list of tasks required for before and on the day ie. buy ice the day before, email smoothie team recipes so they are all good to go on the day. With every fundraiser pack we sell we give a free step by step guide for the day (and days  leading up to your event) so you are left feeling energised and organised.
  5. Celebrate your success and thank your customers and wonderful smoothie team!

Good weather and a bit of luck always helps too!

Please let us know your thoughts and share your tips in a comment below or on our Facebook community.