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One of the perks of my job is the frequency of warm fuzzies felt at seeing people experience utter delight and enjoyment as they try one of our bikes for the first time. It’s impossible not to smile once you get pedalling, and in all my years at a huge spread of smoothie events, I’m yet to prove this statement wrong!

Take one of my favourite annual festivals that we’ve been frequenting in Melbourne for the past three years. Hume City Council puts on a Festival for Seniors every October, which been running for over 30 years, catering to the culturally rich and diverse community, offering a range of educational, interactive, health, entertaining activities.  It is everything that is right about a community event- from intention to delivery.

I had some of the most beautiful conversations there. One woman had not sat on a bike in over 50 years and was delighted to find out she still had it, even gaining enough speed to push our blender to it’s limits! Her laugh filled the courtyard as she gathered an audience, who clapped and cheering her along. Then there was one interaction that has really stuck with me. A man of about 90 years was watching us the whole time from afar, a look of subdued awe upon his face. He finally came up and shared his story of childhood cycling in 1940s Italy, from learning to ride, to the fun he had with friends, and then wondering why he ever stopped when he came to Australia. He thanked me genuinely and emotionally for triggering such wonderful memories of a part of his past long forgotten, and was delighted to wash this all down with a mango smoothie.

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