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Since the beginning of the year I have been preparing for a plastic free July.

It raised many questions for me like; “where would I buy bread from?’, ‘what about pantry things like pasta and rice without packaging?’ and ‘where do we start with bathroom and cleaning products??” As a busy business owner and Mum (also due with our second bub), I have really enjoyed the challenge of going plastic free. If I can do it, maybe this video can inspire you and help answer some of those questions I had too.

Why is it important? I am motivated to create a cleaner future for my kids to grow up in and to reduce harm to animals (as so much single use plastic slowly kills marine life). And I just like to learn about new things, so here are my 5 easy ways to be plastic free at home (well it’s a good start I think!)

1. Re-useable coffee cups – there are so many great ones on the market now! Choose from the ONYA one I have here or there are many others available.

2. Wax wraps or food grade silicon such as Agreena – perfect to replace plastic wrap and baking paper

3. Produce and bread bags – the produce ones are from ONYA too (and made from recycled plastic!) so no more plastic bags required at the supermarket (I now shop at Preston market for bread, veggies, fruit, pasta, cheese, dips etc so no packaging is required)

4. Use jars and BYO containers. The latter is perfect for dips, cheese and take away food too! Use jars or containers for pantry food – refill at bulk food stores such as Graina or SourceBulkFoods (they both deliver too). I know as soon as I step into Coles or Woolies my plastic free living is over.. so the easiest thing to do is shop elsewhere.. do a little research for your local market and bulk food store in your area and enjoy supporting local businesses too!

5. Use a shampoo bar like this one from LUSH cosmetics. We also refill all of our cleaning products (ie handwash, bodywash, floor cleaner and general cleaner) from our local bulk food store. I have loved the move towards a waste free living we have adopted. It took me a few months to get into the habit of not just going to the Supermarket near by. I think shopping at your local market and bulk food store is fun and worth it! I wish you all the best in making the changes you can.

There’s still time to win our Plastic Free July prize pack for you and a friend via our Instagram page!