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Reap the Rewards

I had so much to do before I left on maternity leave. I didn’t even know what that looked like for a solo director / business owner. I didn’t quite know where to start, but I tried to put things in place, ready for my absence.

Amoungst the busiest time ever I was thrilled to be interviewed on Australia’s number one marketing podcast: Small Business Big Marketing: and the The Toxic Fox podcast (a podcast on sustainable business and why they give a dam):

I hired Joel to manage things, we moved into our Preston office and after a while I noticed that my team didn’t need me each day. They had the culture, systems and processes from me and they built on them to make them even stronger. We didn’t do the Royal Melbourne Show or build bikes. I needed a year off from pushing things forward. I had my baby and I took 9 months of maternity leave. All my hard work had paid off.

Recently a close friend made this video After watching it I burst out in tears (maybe it was the baby hormones) but it made me stop and realize what I had achieved and why I had worked so hard. Sometimes it is so easy to forget.

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