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We’re taking the plunge: our events team are going to be taking part in Plastic Free July!

And we’re encouraging you to do the same. Every piece of plastic diverted from landfill WILL make a difference.

Here are some things we already do, that we aim to build on:

  • Sally, our QLD event coordinator, literally lives on a boat on the Brisbane River and spends time sailing and scooping plastic out of waterways.
  • Nadia, our VIC coordinator, is trying more and more to avoid plastic- bringing tupperware, a cup and tote bag wherever she goes. Here she is below on a much needed coffee run!
  • Leena, company owner, is a fan of wax and silicone reusable food wraps, and religiously brings her own lunch every office day. Below is her gorgeous son Ben showing us how it’s done!


We are reaching out to YOU to get involved with us! We’ll be setting ourselves personal goals to continue our plastic-reducing journeys by:

AVOIDING products in plastic packaging
REDUCING plastic where possible (BYO bags, cups, etc)
REFUSING unnecessary plastics (straws, cups, bags)
RECYCLING what cannot be avoided (Soft plastics via REDcycle, hard recyclable plastics via your local council collection)

Whatever your personal goal, every little bit diverted from landfill is a WIN for the environment!

Maybe you’ll bulk-cook your favourite snack rather than buying individually wrapped ones? Maybe you’ll boycott anything wrapped in plastic in supermarkets? Maybe you’ll have a cleanup of your local creek or park? Or have a wax-wrap making session with friends or family? You know your habits, and your life. Let’s make this achievable and help each other to avoid, reduce and refuse plastic this July!

Keep an eye on our facebook and instagram pages for our pledges, findings and challenges along the way; and find out how to be in the running to win a prize from our Plastic Free July partners Onya.