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Going plastic free has never been easier! Below are some of our top picks for waste-minimising environmentally conscious super- businesses we LOVE to support.

Changing the way we buy:

Onya are working hard to change our shopping habits so that we really can cut plastic out of our every day. They are quite literally taking plastic waste from landfill and turning it into something reusable that will last many years to come. We’ll be giving away a Plastic Free July prize pack thanks to Onya, keep your eyes on our instagram page next week for details!

Changing where we buy:

Taking Australia by storm, bulk food shops have responded to the over-packaging epidemic of mainstream supermarkets by removing it altogether! One of our faves is the Source Bulk Foods, who sell a huge range of healthy products. Grab your jars, containers and bags and head to your closest store now!

Recycling existing plastic waste:

Locally, positive steps are being made: VIC has finally jumped onboard and banned the single use plastic bag; NSW has implemented a deposit scheme;  roads are being made out of plastic bags!

On a national level, REDcycle are collecting our soft plastics at partners Coles and Woolworths, who buy them back for their . store benches among other things.

On a larger scale, Plasticbank is monetising plastic – turning it into a source of income for impoverished people around the globe. Plastic litter that is collected can be exchanged for goods, thus fighting poverty and decreasing plastic waste into the oceans.

The power is in your hands. Let’s stop the demand for plastic. Be the change you want to see in the world, because every little piece is doing the earth damage.