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It’s easy to make snap judgements about some things in life being frivolous, indulgent or unnecessary. A delicious soy latte in the morning sunshine. A new expensive piece of equipment, like a camera. A smoothie bike!

Things like these are of course, not essential to life. They are often only available to certain privileged segments of society. You could think of them as the cherry on top of when it comes to living life.

But let’s look at them from another perspective. The morning coffee can be a mothers only quiet moment of peace in an otherwise hectic schedule, giving her the strength to face the day and refocus her energies. An new camera can be the tool to spur a creative onto bigger, greater, more exciting projects, resulting in more art being put out into the world. And then… the  smoothie bikes!

Yes, we get a few laughs and always attract attention at an event (it always seems to be the dinging of the bike bells that sets people off in fits of giggles) We are fun, lively and to be completely honest, not at all essential. But our mission is so much more than quenching your thirst.

We (hopefully) get you thinking about different ways to do things in your everyday life to reduce your environmental impact. Maybe we might inspire somebody who hasn’t been on a bike in many years to hop back on their bike on their weekend, and they rediscover a long lost passion. Someone who asks for a straw out of habit might think twice the next time when they have a chat with our friendly staff about single use plastics. Somebody might taste our delicious vegan smoothies and realise that life without milk can still be pretty damn delicious. And finally, we bring people together, creating that space to be a little bit silly, a little bit fun and connect with other humans. Positivity breeds positivity, so the more happiness and joy we can pump out into the world, the more it will benefit everybody.

So next time you see us out and about at an event, definitely still have a giggle and ding that bell. But also make sure you strike up a conversation with one of our lovely Bike n Blend staff about the story behind our smoothies, and the values that we conduct our business by. We want to make a difference that’s delicious!