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I drove across to Adelaide again for a hugely successful WOMAD. As a person who is made to cycle, this drive always took it out of me. At the end of the event, I left the blender bikes in South Australia with a guy named Peter. He was going to take care of the South Australian arm of the business. One week later, I launched the Sydney branch too. How hard could running three cities be?

It turned out to be very hard. I couldn’t keep up with the demand of flying to Sydney every few weeks, whilst managing all of the Melbourne events. I was running out of breath. I was pretty good at delegating by this point, so I did just that. I had a friend coach me and help me to unpack and repack our booking and event process. I hired Seoirse (pronounced shore-sha) to help me manage our sales and I hired Nadia to take care of coordinating all the Melbourne events, including our last Royal Melbourne Show. We took on some Future Spark bikes from a friend who was closing their business and we built 10 more blender bikes of our own. This was definitely our biggest year yet!


Second year at WOMAD–our branded stall and Gil’s Mum from NYC jumped in to help!

Our new fleet!

Our new fleet!

A video from the highlights of this year:

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